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W czasie Present Simple

Podobnie jak w języku polskim, także w języku angielskim występuje strona bierna czasownika. Strona bierna czasownika w czasie Present Simple składa się z czasownika ‘to be’ w formie czasu Present Simple (am, are, is) oraz imiesłowu biernego czasownika głównego. Czynności dzieją się w terażniejzości. Stronę bierną używamy wtedy, gdy nie jest ważne, kto wykonuje daną czynność lub wtedy, gdy nie wiemy kto wykonuje czynność. Jeśli chcemy powiedzieć, kto wykonuje daną czynność, używamy przyimka ‘by’, np. The room is cleaned by the students. Nie używamy zwrotów ‘by someone’ , ‘by people’.


Zdania twierdzące

podmiot + ‘to be’ (w odpowiedniej formie w czasie Present Simple) + imiesłów bierny czasownika głównego(III forma)

Coffee is grown in South America.

(Kawa jest uprawiana w Ameryce Południowej.)

Cookies are eaten by children .

(Ciastka są jedzone przez dzieci.)


Zdania negatywne

podmiot + ‘to be’(w odpowiedniej formie w czasie Present Simple) z not + imiesłów bierny czasownika głównego (III forma)

Coffee isn’t grown in Europe.

(Kawa nie jest uprawiana w Europie.)

Cookies aren’t eaten by adults.

(Ciastka nie są jedzone przez dorosłych.)


Zdania pytające

‘to be’ (w odpowiedniej formie w czasie Present Simple ) + podmiot + imiesłów bierny czasownika głównego (III forma)

Is coffee grown in Australia?

(Czy kawa jest uprawiana w Australii?)

Are cookies eaten by teenagers?

(Czy ciastka są jedzone przez nastolatków?)


Krótkie odpowiedzi twierdzące

Yes, it is.

Yest, they are.


Krótkie odpowiedzi negatywne

No, it isn’t.

No, they aren’t.


I. Utwórz pytania i zaprzeczenia do podanych odpowiedzi.

Przykład: A computer is used.

Is a computer used?

A computer isn’t used.

1.The rice is picked by machine.

2.Oranges are grown in Portugal.

3.The room is cleaned every day.

4.Ferrari cars are made in Italy.

5.Coca-Cola is sold in almost every country in the world.

6.Milions of pizzas are eaten in the world every year.

7.This book is written by Adam Mickiewicz.

8.My watch is made of gold.

9.Portuguese is spoken in Brazil.

10.Those computers are made in France.


II. Z rozsypanki ułóż poprawne zdanie w stornie biernej.

Przykład: The rubbish/ collect/ every day.

The rubbish is collected every day.

1.Olives/ grow/ in the south of the country.

2.English lesson/ not give/ here.

3.This play/ not perform/ very often.

4.A lot of trees/ cut/ down every year.

5.Homework/ do/ by students.


III. Podane zdania przekształć na zdania w stronie biernej.

Przykład: People make jeans in the USA.

Jeans are made in USA.

1.My grandma sings nice lullaby.

2.Dogs eat bones.

3.They make planes from paper.

4.People waste too much water.

5. Postal workers deliver thousands of letters.

W czasie Past Simple

Oprócz strony biernej czasownika w czasie Present Simple, strona bierna występuje także w czasie Past Simple. Strona bierna w czasie Past Simple składa się z czasownika ‘to be’ w formie czasu Past Simple (was/were) oraz z imiesłowiu biernego czasownika głównego. Strona bierna w czasie Past Simple ma podobne znaczenie jak w czasie Present Simple, z wyjątkiem czasu. Tutaj czynności działy się w przeszłości.

Zdania twierdzące

podmiot + ‘to be’ (w odpowiedniej formie w czasie Past Simple) + imiesłów bierny czasownika głównego(III forma)

Her bicycle was stolen last night.

(Jej rower został skradziony minionej nocy.)

These houses were built in the 17th century.

(Te domy zostały wybudowane w XVII wieku.)


Zdania negatywne

podmiot + ‘to be’(w odpowiedniej formie w czasie Past Simple) z not + imiesłów bierny czasownika głównego (III forma)

Her bicycle wasn’t stolen two days ago.

(Jej rower nie został skradziony dwa dni temu.)

These houses weren’t butli in the 21st century.

(Te domy nie zostały zbudowane w XXI wieku.)


Zdania pytające

‘to be’ (w odpowiedniej formie w czasie Past Simple ) + podmiot + imiesłów bierny czasownika głównego (III forma)

Was her bicycle stolen yesterday?

(Czy jej rower został skradziony wczoraj?)

Were these houses built in the 15th century?

(Czy te domy zostały wybudowane w XV wieku?)


Krótkie odpowiedzi twierdzące

Yes, it was.

Yest, they were.


Krótkie odpowiedzi negatywne

No, it wasn’t.

No, they weren’t.



I. Utwórz pytania i zaprzeczenia do podanych zdań.

Przykład: This photo was taken two years ago.

Was this photo taken two years ago?

This photo wasn’t taken two years ago.


1.I was hit by car.

2.Our school team was invited to play in Spain.

3.‘The Lord of the Rings’ was written by J.R.R Tolkien.

4.This window was broken last night.

5.Over 5000 people were killed.

6.They were sent here after prison.

7.The Great Wheel was constructed as part of the International Exhibition.

8.There were many people at John’s party.

9.Hamburgers were eaten for the first time in America.

10.This pizza was cooked by Sarah.


II. Z rozsypanki wyrazowej ułóż poprawne zdania w stronie biernej czasownika w czasie Past Simple.

Przykład: America/ discover/ by Columbus in 1492.

America was discovered by Columbus in 1429.


1.The Titanic/ sink/ by an iceberg in 1912.

2.Phone/ not leave/ here three days ago.

3.Me and you/ give/ a DVD player for Christmas.

4.The 2002 World Cup/ win/ by Brazil.

5.Television/ not invite/ until 1946.

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Strona bierna ( The passive ) : Present simple



Some jokes are told in every country. –  Niektóre dowcipy są opowiadane we wszystkich krajach.

These gates aren’t locked at night. – Te bramy nie są zamykane na noc.

Where is the sugar kept? – Gdzie trzymany jest cukier ?

Paper is made from wood, isn’t it? – Papier robi się z drewna, prawda?

Yes, it is.

Aren’t you expected to do any homework? – Czy nie masz odrabiać pracy domowej?

No, I’m not.

The man in the photo is wanted by the police. – Mężczyzna na zdjęciu jest poszukiwany przez policję.



Strona bierna ( The passive ) : Past simple






We were invited to a jazz concert. – Byliśmy zaproszeni na koncert jazzowy.

She wasn’t told about the broken window. – Nie powiedziano jej o wybitym oknie.

When were the Pyramids built? – Kiedy zbudowano piramidy?

This watch was given to me by my great grandfather. – Ten zegarek został mi podarowany przez mojego pradziadka.

The telephone was invented by Bell, wasn’t it? – Telefon został wynaleziony przez Bella, prawda?

Yes, it was.

Weren’t the papers delivered this morning? – Czy dziś rano nie dostarczono gazet?

No, they weren’t.

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Present Simple     Orangutans are found in Indonesia.

Present Continuous    Their survival is being threatened by logging.

Past Simple         Fewer than 25,000 were recorded in 2001.

Past Continuous        Their natural habitat was being threatened.

Present Perfect Simple     Nearly 80% of the rainforests have been destroyed.

Past Perfect Simple     By 2002 the sawmills had been closed down.

Modal verbs          The noise of trees falling can be heard.

                             Part of our paradise will be destroyed.

                             Illegal logging should/must be stopped.

                             They are in danger of being completely wiped out.

                             They are ready to be shipped as hardwood.

Określ czas gramatyczny strony biernej.

 A new oil field has just been discovered off the Pacific coast of Mexico.     Present Perfect Simple

Are any cars made in China nowadays?

I went to an audition for the part but unfortunately I wasn't chosen.

The tourist were nervous about being hijacked on the plane.

Bob was so rude to Maria that he won't be invited to her house again.

When they woke up, they discovered that their car had been stolen.

She heard a noise, turned round and realised that she was being followed.

Mobile phones must not be used during take off.

I'd hate to be chased everywhere by press photographers.

Sssh! The Prime Minister is being interviewed on TV right now.


Next year 23 billion tonnes of Co2 will probably be released and all the time the ozone layer, which protects the earth is being destroyed by CFC gases.

In 1974 56 million tonnes of fish were taken from the earth's oceans.

Since then the number of fish taken from the oceans has risen.

This year the number of African elephants has fallen to 500,000.

The elephant is now one of thousands of endangered species which are being seriously threatened.

Twenty five years ago 100,000 sq kilometers of rainforests  was being lost each year. Now every year ...of rainforests are being destroyed.

....The earth's population is now over... . Each year it has risen by 95 million.


  After being planted in a sunny warm place at the end of summer, strawberry plants have to be watered regularly, especially in dry weather.


In the spring, when the fruit starts to grow, straw needs to be placed under and around each plant.


The reason for this is that the fruit needs to be kept dry when the plants are being watered.


   When the fruit starts getting ripe, the plants have to be covered with nets.


This prevents the strawberries from being eaten by birds.


For the best possible taste, strawberries need to be grown organically without chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


If you want to make strawberry jam, the berries need to be picked when they are still quite hard.


Before being used for jam, or eaten raw, the fruit ought to be washed.





 The passive: present perfect simple

Rewrite the vet's comment's in the passive.

  Somebody has treated this horse badly for years.

1.People haven't fed him properly.

2.People have ridden him too much.

3.They have forced him to work too hard

4.They have left him outside in cold weather.

5.Nobody has brushed him for years.

  This horse has been treated badly for years.

1.He hasn't been fed properly.

2.He has been ridden to much.

3.He has been forced to work too hard.

4.He has been left outside in cold weather.

5.He hasn't been brushed for years.

The passive: past perfect

Complete the text, putting the verbs in brackets into the past perfect passive.

When we got back from our summer holidays last year, we got a horrible shock.

Our house HAD BEEN BROKEN INTO (break into) and quite a few things HAD BEEN STOLEN (steal).

The TV and video HAD BEEN KNOCKED OVER(knock over).

In my parents room, all the drawers HAD BEEN OPENED (open) and all their clothes HAD BEEN THROWN (throw) on the floor.

Luckily, my mother's jewellery HAD BEEN HIDDEN (hide) under the bed and it HADN'T BEEN FOUND (not found).

My room HADN'T BEEN TOUCHED (not touch) but in my sister's room the posters HAD BEEN TORN (tear) off the walls and her mirror HAD BEEN BROKEN (break).

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